Podcast Show List

Published on January 28th, 2012
  1. Independence 1962 listen here
  2. The diaspora Jamaicans leave – England, Canada and New York listen here
  3. 60’s Ska and Rocksteady – Wayne Marshall plots the rise Ska and Rocksteady listen here
  4. Sound Systems – Toasting and the rise of the DJ listen here
  5. New York and the birth of Hip Hop – Jamaican, Kool DJ Herc changes the world, through his turntables listen here
  6. 70’s Britain Ska, racism and Two Tone – John Behets talks about growing up  listen here
  7. The story of Dub – How the studio gave rise the engineer and how dub spread listen here
  8. Lovers Rock – Blues parties and British Reggae listen here
  9. The story of Rasta – The rise of Rastafari in Jamaica and the world listen here
  10. Bob Marley 1 – The Bob Marley story. listen here
  11. Bob Marley recollections and legacy listen here
  12. Japanese Reggae – There are more sound systems in Japan then Jamaica listen here
  13. Sleng Teng & the start of Dancehall and Steely – Clevie listen here
  14. Jafaican, London Jamaican and Tippa Irie – Jerfacians listen here
  15. Arthur Wint early sporting success listen here
  16. Jamaicans in Toronto listen here
  17. Easy Star All Stars Thrillah – The Michael Goldwasser interview listen here
  18. Incredible, the story of Jungle – General Levy and the sound of Jungle listen here
  19. Jalympics – 2008 Olympics listen here
  20. The Reggae boyz and the rise of football listen here
  21. The story of Soul II Soul, when Reggae met Soul. listen here
  22. Jamaicans in New York listen here
  23. Announcement
  24. Reggaeton and Latin reggae 
  25. Usain Bolt – The worlds hero
  26. Politics and Politicians – General Colin Powell, Dianne Abbott and Don Meredith
  27. Bristol and Trip Hop –
  28. Jamaicans in Miami and Florida
  29. Drum and bass, Garage, Grime and Dubstep. 
  30. Panama and Colon – Panamanian Jamaicans
  31. Jamaicans in Birmingham
  32. Jamaicans in Florida –
  33. Writers and Culture
  34. Jamaican music around the world – Italian Dancehall, New Zealand Reggae etc
  35. Jamaica now, where it stands in the world