Alchimie Mediterranee

Published on February 29th, 2012

The Alchemy was formed in 1995. Their music evokes the Mediterranean, buy 50 mg levitra is full of reverb and echo creating a warm and engaging vibe. Taking inspiration from Steel Pulse amongst others, they hail from Turin, north Italy. The Alchemy Mediterranee have collaborated on the soundtrack of the movie “40% free hands of fate” by R. Jacopino in 2010 with the United Africa and Modena City Ramblers. They have also toured with The Revolutionary Dub Warriors and Zion Train, plus are mainstays of the festival scene.

Band Members: Paul Mercaldi, papaolo – guitar, flute, voice fx Sacchero Lorenzo, Sackma low – Fabrizio Testa, fabriskin battery Audi grivetta Matthew, Master – tenor & alto sax, vocals Paul – Paulaner – percussion Chima Tolani, DONCI – guitar, vocals – Mark Long, flyers, flugelhorn, trumpet