Wayne Campbell

Published on April 16th, 2012

Urban Romance from Wayne Campbell on Vimeo.

How Jamaica Film director and Editor

My journey into filmmaking began with my first film Urban Romance. This film was produced against the odds and with next to no budget, but went on to win the ‘Best use of Cinematography’ award at the BFM film Awards. In the years that followed I’ve tried my hand at Pop promo’s, community films corporate videos, documentaries, factual programmes and virals. Since winning the award for my first film, I have kept up that high standard of filmmaking by adding the 2006 ‘Filmminute’ ‘Peoples Choice’ award to my list of accomplishments for my short  ‘ It Could Be’.

I continue to work as a shooting director and producer in factual entertainment and for corporate clients. Some of these clients include, Sky Movies, The BBC, NLTA, Outline Productions, Haymarket Publishing, Tate Media and ITV .

I have recently finished writing my first script and look forward to putting it into production.

As vice Chairperson of my local Residents’ Association, I continue to produce and direct socially challenging material whose sole aim is to inform and promote awareness within our communities.